Integrative Physiology & Pharmacology Ph.D. Program at Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University Graduate School » Integrative Physiology & Pharmacology Ph.D. Program

PTCRC Auditorium — 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

18-September   Marianne Collard – “Summer Internship Experience with a Start-Up Pharmaceutical Company”     Mentor: A. Tallant

25-September   Antoine Almonte – (Dibs) “Neurocircuitry and neurobiology subserving perturbed synaptic function and behavior in the comorbidity of anxiety/stressor disorders and alcoholism”

2-October   Alex Bashore – “Characterization of apolipoprotein M-containing high density lipoprotein particles”    Mentor: J. Parks

9-October   Stephen Day – “Glucagon-like Peptide Cleavage Product as a Potential Therapeutic for Down Syndrome”    Mentor: T. Ma

16-October   Omeed Rahimi – “Angiotensin-(1-7) Attenuates Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiovascular and Aortic Dysfunction in Juvenile Male and Female Rats”    Mentor: P. Gallagher/A Tallant

23-October   Kris Michalson – “Monocyte Programming and Fibrotic Responses to Total Body Irradiation in Non-Human Primates”    Mentor: T. Register

30-October   Pooja Patil –  “The anti-fibrotic and anti-oxidants of a Muscadine grape extract on Ang II-induced hypertension”     Mentor: Tallant/Gallagher

6-November   Renata Magalhaes – “Bioengineering Functional Autologous Uterine Tissue in a Rabbit Model”  Mentor:  A. Atala

13-November   SfN meeting   NO MEETING

20-November   Allyson Dyevoich – “TLR and CLR Agonists Induce Anti-tumor B Cell Responses against Peritoneal Carcinomatosis”    Mentor: K. Haas

27-November   Deborah Leussen – “The Effect of Membrane Cholesterol on Ethanol-induced Serotonin 5-Ht1A Receptor Signaling in Rat Prefrontal Cortex and Neuroblastoma N2A Cells”    Mentor: R. Chen

4-December   ACNP meeting    NO MEETING

11-December  Sarah Ewin – “Adolescent social isolation increases excitatory synaptic activity in the rat nucleus accumbens core”    Mentor: J. Weiner

15-January   HOLIDAY

22-January  James Poteracki – “Pairing Fasciotomy and Silicone Implantation with a Rat Model of Compartment Syndrome”   Mentor: T. Criswell 

29-January   Allan Johansen – “The TGFBR1*6A mutation and carcinogenesis”     Mentor: Pasche

5-February   Andy Kwok –     “Spaceflight Induced Gait Alterations in Mouse Model” Mentor: J. Willey

12-February   Jessica Mackert – “Muscadine Grape Extract Prevents Proliferation of HER2 Positive Breast Cancer Cells in Association with a Decrease in Phosphorylation of AKT”    Mentor: P. Gallagher

19-February   Molly Minkiewicz – “Decomposing Subjective Feelings Towards Evocative Images into Positive and Negative Values”    Mentor: K. Kishida

26-February    Lais Ghiraldeli –     Mentor: W. Gmeiner

5-March   GRC Alcohol meeting

19-March   Taylor Stowe – “Exploring pharmacotherapies for cocaine in rodent models”    Mentor: M. Ferris

26-March   Masters students – Bradford Kuhlman; Daniel Saez

2-April   1st year blitz –  Alaa Bawaneh; Beverly Dosso;

5-April   Fatima Ryalat – “Cardiovascular effects on cognitive decline”    Mentor: D. Diz (RESCHEDULED from March 12)

9-April   1st year blitz – Derek Kellar; Morgan Pait; Sarah Seizer; Ethan Shelkey

16-April  Zachary Zabarsky – “Recruitment of Endogenous Stem Cells for Spinal Cord Injury”     Mentor: T. Smith

23-April   EB meeting